Beauty Review | Tok Stick by Beuon

Tok Stick Review!

If you are like me you are constantly on the hunt for something to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

I have suffered from eczema since I was in college and I usually don’t leave the house without a little bb cream or foundation on to hide the redness.

I was looking into the newest skincare trend which is derma rollers! Of course, living in Korea we have access to some of the most cutting-edge skincare technology.

I recently heard about the brand Beuon from my friend Unity Jackson!

Beuon is quickly becoming known for their Tok Stick. Which isn’t a derma roller but rather a stick.

The Tok stick has a whopping 49 gold plated needles. The needles on the Tok Stick are actually the thinnest needles in the world! The needles also have a custom V-shaped line in the middle to reduce pain.

Photo credit: Beuon Official website

When I received my Tok Stick it came in a beautiful black box! When I opened it up I noticed the Tok Stick was hygienically wrapped up. I really love that. Especially because the Tok Stick has needles on the surface and you want a product that is clean and ready to use!

Here is a chart straight from their website about how the Tok Stick works and how to properly use it!

photo credit: Beuon Official website

Alright, now it’s my turn!

Here is a lovely selfie of me right after I washed my face!

I dosed up 3mL of ampule into the Tok Stick
(If you do not use the ampule by Tok Stick you should stick to a watery ampule for best results)

 I used the Elizavecca Hell Pore Water Up Peptide mist

Photo credit: Amazon
You can buy it here!

You’ll want to give it a shake and make sure the ampule is coming out without any trouble. I always test it on the back of my hand first then go to my face.

You’ll want to use the Tok Stick all over your face for 15 minutes. I usually do 3 times around my face then move to my neck and hands.

After that, your face will be a bit red so you’ll want to put on a really soothing mask. I would suggest a cream mask or something with aloe in it.

My personal favorite is the Ozoo face mask.
Which you can buy here!

Photo credit: Amazon

Here is a picture of my face after the face mask!

I cannot say enough amazing things about the Tok Stick! It’s a revolutionary piece of skincare and I highly recommend it!

Check them out on Instagram:

You can also buy them here on K Mall or you can directly contact them via Instagram.

Buy me here! K Mall

For a demonstration of the Tok Stick check out my YouTube review as well!

Until next time! Stay Beautiful!


Julie Ko

Life After Korea: Frantically Packing

Hey Everyone!
Tis‘ the season for contracts ending and decisions to be made.

Should I stay or Should I go?

Leaving Korea can be a difficult decision. 

For some, the time has come to move back to their home and leave Korea in their memories.

Are you telling me I have to get everything I’ve accumulated over the past year/years out of here before the new teacher gets here?

((Cue panic))

Take it from someone who has moved home TWICE yes you read that correctly TWICE it is a pain in the BUTT.

The best way to move everything without having an anxiety attack/ meltdown/ crying episode is

Yes, you read that correctly. I wrote a list of everything I needed to accomplish before I was kicked out of my tiny apartment.

You need to separate what you are going to keep
What selling/donating
Things that you are a maybe for taking home

Play for Keeps

After you’ve sectioned this all out set out your suitcases and start packing things you are definitely taking home.

See how much room you have left or any room at all.

*Note: I had 2 giant suitcases and 1 small one. My husband had 1 big one and 1 medium-sized suitcase.  He stuffed his full of ramen.

Something that was super helpful for me for each of my moving adventures was shipping boxes. 

Did you know that if you get a #4 size box from KPS you can ship it for 40,000KRW (40 bucks USD)?

 It will take 3 solid months to get to you but it’s totally worth it for people like me who are pack rats and love stationary & skin care things.

I sent 4 boxes when I moved full of skincare, gifts, and souvenirs from my travels. And of course clothes.

Shipping your stuff can be a big pain but the shipping boxes helped me A LOT. Just remember don’t check the box for airmail or else it’ll cost you way more than 40 bucks!


Leaving can be kinda expensive. So I ended up selling a ton of my stuff.
Your best bet to sell things is through the expat facebook groups.

Expat Women in Korea
Expat Women in Korea Buy/Sell
HBC/Itaewon Information Board
Craigs List Seoul

If you have a Korean friend that is willing to help you, you could post your things on a Korean forum as well. When I had a couch and a giant oven my husband put our stuff on there and we got a good amount of money for our stuff!

Make sure to take clear pictures of your items and mark the price on each picture. So that way it doesn’t cause any confusion and people don’t try to stiff you on pricing.

**Be cautious when using these selling forums because you will get the occasional creep or overly friendly person trying to holla at you. Just use good judgment. **

If you find yourself unlucky selling your items try asking around to your coworkers and maybe their friends to see if they need anything. Usually, if you give your items to your coworkers they might want it for free or discounted. Just be do what you feel it right.

Throw it away!
**Bye Felicia**

You’d think throwing away trash is a fairly simple task.
Not in Korea.
If you’ve lived there long enough you are familiar with the color coated bags. One for food trash, one for trash to be burned and the other for miscellaneous stuff.

Be aware that if you are throwing big items like couches, bookshelves, or anything that cant fit in your trash bag it’ll need a TAG.

Many of my friends that have moved out of their hagwon apartments have put their things on the curb only to get penalized for throwing it away without a permit. I also had a friend who got the penalty taken out of their paycheck. Ouch.

If you are unsure where to buy the tag or how much you should be paying for said tag, take a picture of the item and ask where to buy the tag to your local CU, GS25, or 711 clerk.
I bought mine at the community center near my home. If you have trouble communicating in Korean you could ask your boss or Korean teacher for a little help on the matter. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

For clothing, there is usually a donation box in every neighborhood so you can put shoes and clothing in the box if you are feeling generous or just antsy because you couldn’t sell it online.

When you move out make sure it’s clean-ish and chunk up the deuce to your landlord! 

**Also remember February is the time for everyone who is leaving in March to cash out their pension. I recommend doing this sooner rather than later. I also suggest finding the nearest office to your house/hagwon to make this process go smoothly. I went to the one at Samsung station near Gangnam. They were very kind and I was in and out in 20 minutes.

That’s it for this week y’all!!

Happy packing !!

Julie Ko

p.s. you know very well that everything in that “maybe” needs to get thrown away. Just trying to help you out 😉

Life After Korea: The job hunt

So it’s been a solid 90 days since we packed up and left Seoul in our rearview mirror. The first month was honestly dedicated to relaxing and seeing friends and family, and making sure my husband is acclimating well.

Now that the holidays are over and all the overwhelming feelings of being busy are gone it’s time to focus on the year and make some money.

I have been plucking away at job applications since I got home but nothing has panned out and I thought, “well maybe it’s for the best.”

But now I’m starting to get worried…

Within the past 3 months, I have applied to the very obvious teaching positions and paraprofessional positions in the school districts around me. I have also applied to companies my friends are working for as well. I always manage to get an interview but nothing has solidified yet.

It wasn’t until I met up with one of my girlfriend that used to be a teacher here in Dallas that this problem isn’t exclusive only to me.

We sat at lunch and talked about how difficult it truly is to find a decent job after teaching.

She told me, “It’s like my teaching experience didn’t matter and it was like I didn’t have a real degree. They were kind of like oh that’s cute but what kind of skills can you really offer us.”

Luckily she said that she found a job she likes but it took her a while to actually find a company that was willing to give her the time of day.

When I was driving home from lunch with her my panic ensued. 
Thoughts were attacking my brain from every angle.
It was like I was planning my own demise.

The job search still continues as I write this blog post.
This past week I put myself on a couple of websites to see if I could get any leads or interviews.
I went on an interview and it honestly wasn’t for me
and clearly, I wasn’t for them.

 As time is passing I’m feeling dejected. a tad deflated. 

But I know it will happen.
It’s this weird calmness knowing that some way or somehow it’ll happen.

My husband and I did save a lot of money before leaving Korea to provide us with this 3-month cushion sans jobs. 

Have you moved home from being abroad and felt frustrated by not finding a job? Or maybe felt like you were being looked down on because you have been teaching overseas?

Let me know in the comments below!


Jobless Julie


Cafe Gals visit Mint Hiem in Hongdae!


Mint Heim is located on the back streets between Hongdae and Hapjeong. It’s actually super easy to miss!  Cheyenne and I attempted to go to Mint Heim a couple of times and each time we easily passed it even with our Naver map on! Best way to find Mint Heim is to always look up or just for an adorable mint colored building! 

Now let’s get into the details here:






Busy! Definitely a tourist hot spot! A lot of people are always coming and going!

Limited! Not a big space but hopefully you can find a table!

Instagram Worthy:
Absolutely!! It’s so adorable inside and out!

Mint Heim is definitely a cafe to visit! Especially if are a fan of mint and chocolate. Their cakes are fabulously decorated and everything in the cafe is aesthetically pleasing. It’s a great place to take selfies and take a break from the Hongdae hustle and bustle! So the Cafe Gals ENCOURAGE you to try Mint Heim for yourself!

🚨Cheyenne and I gave this cafe🚨 



366-28 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
🌟 Use Naver maps for this one! It can be tricky!


EVERY DAY 11:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Phone Number


 📷Their Instagram

Mint Heim📷

Stay caffeinated my friends! 


Julie & Cheyenne 

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

This is actually one of my older videos but I am on my 3rd bottle so I have to admit I’m really in love with this product!

There are very few products that make me want to repurchase them and this happens to be one of them.

When these first came out they flew off the shelves and I had a lot of my friends asking for me to buy them in bulk and send them!

Everyone knew when these products came out that aesthetically they are super adorable but were they actually going to be beneficial.

They come in 3 great “flavors.”


Let’s start with my favorite one!

  • Green tea helps with excessive oil and large pores
  • Black tea helps with firming and moisturizing
  • Strawberry helps with dry skin

 Let’s be honest

I’ve read a lot of other blogs that have said this sleeping pack isn’t worth your time or money. I think it’s all about your skin and its needs. I have exclusively used the green tea one because I have used other green tea products that have helped me before.

This VS. That

To be frank I have an arsenal of other sleeping packs that are way more moisturizing than this one. If you have a skin problem where you need a lot of moisture to go back into your skin I definitely wouldn’t suggest this product. I would suggest something like Dr. Jart or Huxley.

All in All

This is a great product to buy as a gift because it’s super cute! It’s great for a friend who loves bubble tea or a friend that likes Korean beauty!

If you have any questions make sure to leave them below!

If you’re interested in buying this here are some websites that will ship it to you!

Wal Mart | Iherb | Amazon | Etude House | Ebay

disclosure: I am not endorsed by Etude House and all opinions are my own. I purchased the product myself and this review was not paid for in any way. If you have any questions please refer to my disclaimer statement.

2018 Let’s do this

2018 is here!

Each year we all make resolutions that are far-fetched and we usually forget about them halfway through January.

This year I decided to blog about my resolutions to keep myself accountable for them haha

(did that even make sense?)

So as I fulfill my resolutions I’ll mark them off this post.

Herrrrrrrrre we go!

  1. Complete a whole month of Whole 30 (I’ve only managed to do it in bits and pieces)
  2. Complete 100 + Pure Barre classes
  3. Meditate/ do yoga at least 5 times a week
  4. Take more road trips! < Who doesn’t love road trips >
  5. Stay on top of my blog and YouTube channel
  6. Reconnect with people who I haven’t seen/talked to in a while
  7. Find cool new places to eat and drink around Texas
  8. Stop using my phone so much
  9. Finish my computer coding courses
  10. Smile/Laugh at myself more
  11. Take risks and own it! Even if they don’t pan out
  12. Enjoy wedding planning 🙂
  13. Travel out of the country AT LEAST once
  14. Grow my website & brand
  15. Learn to take time for myself when I need it 🙂

Alright so here’s a solid FIFTEEN resolutions.
Short and sweet.

What are some goals you are looking to achieve this year?

Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to help cheer you on!

Happy New Year!

Julie Ko