Cafe Gals visit Sayoo in Itaewon

Sayoo is a huge cafe with a lot to do! There are 5 floors, each  with their own theme. This cafe has a space for everyone from movie buffs to artsy people to people who just like to chill on a good rooftop. They have delicious drinks and even yummier cakes!

1F Cafe

2F Fashion Store

3F Cinema Cafe

4F Gallery Cafe

5F Rooftop

Now let’s get into the details here:


4,500 KRW – 10,000 KRW


Korean and English 



Pet Friendly:



Each floor had it’s own vibe!


Lots of seats on each floor!

Instagram Worthy:

For sure!


Sayoo is such a nice to come to when you need to relax. Julie and I checked out each floor for a bit. The first floor is where you order everything. There are a few one seaters so you can sit and wait for your coffee. The second floor is the store. Each time we went it was closed, it was pretty late at night though. The third floor is the cinema room. They have a huge wall where they show all kinds of different movies. The room is huge and has a lot of space to work. (Don’t worry the movie is silent.) The fourth was our favorite; the Gallery. They had a bunch of art from paintings to sculptures. They even had sketchbooks and other art supplies up there; free to use! Unfortunately the rooftop was being renovated at the time we went plus it was dark so there wasn’t much to see there. 

The drinks…

Definitely come check this place out! 


🚨Julie and I gave this cafe🚨




서울 용산구 이태원로 54길 5
 5 Itaewon-ro 54-gil,  Yongsan-gu, Seoul

🌟 Go out of exit 3 from Hanggangjin Station and walk for about 5 minutes. Turn left at the 3rd street, it will be on your left. 


Sunday-Thursday 1:00-10:00

Friday-Saturday 11:00-11:00 

Phone Number

02. 2289.9050

 📷Their Instagram📷

Stay caffeinated my friends! 


Cheyenne & Julie