Cafe Gals visit Bistopping Sinsa!

Bistopping is a small ice cream shop in between Sinsa and Nonhyeon Station. It’s definitely in an area that you need to map out! If you know how to use Naver maps then you’ll definitely be in good hands! 

Bistopping has attracted a wide variety of clients. When we went there were lots of Japanese people and a few Koreans. They have definitely amped up their business via instagram. 

The system of ordering is pretty fun because you can choose your cone, type of ice cream, and your toppings! In their case you can choose chocolate stars, mermaid tails, chocolate pearls and other assorted goodies! 

When we went in Cheyenne customized hers but I showed the clerk an instagram picture and said, “This one pleaaaase!” They are super nice helpful here! This is absolutely a great place to come!

Now let’s get into the details here:


5,000 +

[[Depending on how fancy you want to get]]


Available in Korean, English, Chinese, & Japnese


Absolutely! Bottom of your receipt! 

Pet Friendly:



Very cute! The inside of ice cream shop is small and adorable!


Inside seats about 30

Outside about 8 

Instagram Worthy:

Of course! You can take a picture with their signature wall or the bubble gum pink walls! 

Honestly I love coming to Bistopping because it’s fresh and delicious! It’s perfect on hot summer days or even lazy Sundays! Bistopping is great for casual meeting with friends or a family hang out! You should definitely come and check it out! You’ll be glad you came!
🚨Cheyenne and I gave this cafe🚨 



Seoul, Seocho-gu, Jamwon-dong, Sinbanpo-ro 47-gil, 68

🌟Sinsa Exit 3 go straight and cross at Kia Motors 


Everyday from 11AM – 10PM

Phone Number


 📷Their Instagram📷

Stay caffeinated my friends! 


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