Cafe Gals visit Dore Dore Cafe in Sinsa!

Dore Dore is a 4 story house in the back streets of Sinsa-dong.

 The first floor you walk into is where all the goodies are! They have a basement and additional floors on top! Each floor is a different color with a different set of decor. Their pastry case looks absolutely inviting with rainbows and gem colored cookies.

 Dore Dore is also a bright pink house with the words Dore on the side.

 You cant miss it!

Now let’s get into the details here:
Drinks: 5,000 – 8,5000 KRW
Cake slice: 8,500 – 15,000 KRW

Menu: Korean

Wifi: Absolutely! 

Pet Friendly: No 

Atmosphere: Barbie’s house come to life! Amazing!

Seating: Plenty! 4 floors of seating and AC!

Instagram Worthy: Heck yes! Take that selfie and eat that cake! 🍰


Dore Dore was an awesome cafe to visit and I’m more than certain it wont be our last time here! I have to admit all of Cheyenne’s choices were delicious! Mine wasn’t as good as I was hoping. I did take my left over cake to my husband and he LOVED it! So it didn’t go to waste 😀 I would highly recommend this cafe to anyone who has a sweet tooth! One the week days it’s a nice place to hang out and enjoy the wifi! I cant wait to come back and get the carrot cake! haha 

🚨Cheyenne and I gave this cafe🚨 


서울특별시 강남구 도산대로15길40

40 Dosan-daero 15-gil

🌟You can access the Cafe from Apgujeong-ro or the main road of Sinsa 


Every day 11AM – 11PM
Phone Number


Stay caffeinated my friends!
Cafe Gals