Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

This is actually one of my older videos but I am on my 3rd bottle so I have to admit I’m really in love with this product!

There are very few products that make me want to repurchase them and this happens to be one of them.

When these first came out they flew off the shelves and I had a lot of my friends asking for me to buy them in bulk and send them!

Everyone knew when these products came out that aesthetically they are super adorable but were they actually going to be beneficial.

They come in 3 great “flavors.”


Let’s start with my favorite one!

  • Green tea helps with excessive oil and large pores
  • Black tea helps with firming and moisturizing
  • Strawberry helps with dry skin

 Let’s be honest

I’ve read a lot of other blogs that have said this sleeping pack isn’t worth your time or money. I think it’s all about your skin and its needs. I have exclusively used the green tea one because I have used other green tea products that have helped me before.

This VS. That

To be frank I have an arsenal of other sleeping packs that are way more moisturizing than this one. If you have a skin problem where you need a lot of moisture to go back into your skin I definitely wouldn’t suggest this product. I would suggest something like Dr. Jart or Huxley.

All in All

This is a great product to buy as a gift because it’s super cute! It’s great for a friend who loves bubble tea or a friend that likes Korean beauty!

If you have any questions make sure to leave them below!

If you’re interested in buying this here are some websites that will ship it to you!

Wal Mart | Iherb | Amazon | Etude House | Ebay

disclosure: I am not endorsed by Etude House and all opinions are my own. I purchased the product myself and this review was not paid for in any way. If you have any questions please refer to my disclaimer statement.