Life After Korea: The job hunt

So it’s been a solid 90 days since we packed up and left Seoul in our rearview mirror. The first month was honestly dedicated to relaxing and seeing friends and family, and making sure my husband is acclimating well.

Now that the holidays are over and all the overwhelming feelings of being busy are gone it’s time to focus on the year and make some money.

I have been plucking away at job applications since I got home but nothing has panned out and I thought, “well maybe it’s for the best.”

But now I’m starting to get worried…

Within the past 3 months, I have applied to the very obvious teaching positions and paraprofessional positions in the school districts around me. I have also applied to companies my friends are working for as well. I always manage to get an interview but nothing has solidified yet.

It wasn’t until I met up with one of my girlfriend that used to be a teacher here in Dallas that this problem isn’t exclusive only to me.

We sat at lunch and talked about how difficult it truly is to find a decent job after teaching.

She told me, “It’s like my teaching experience didn’t matter and it was like I didn’t have a real degree. They were kind of like oh that’s cute but what kind of skills can you really offer us.”

Luckily she said that she found a job she likes but it took her a while to actually find a company that was willing to give her the time of day.

When I was driving home from lunch with her my panic ensued. 
Thoughts were attacking my brain from every angle.
It was like I was planning my own demise.

The job search still continues as I write this blog post.
This past week I put myself on a couple of websites to see if I could get any leads or interviews.
I went on an interview and it honestly wasn’t for me
and clearly, I wasn’t for them.

 As time is passing I’m feeling dejected. a tad deflated. 

But I know it will happen.
It’s this weird calmness knowing that some way or somehow it’ll happen.

My husband and I did save a lot of money before leaving Korea to provide us with this 3-month cushion sans jobs. 

Have you moved home from being abroad and felt frustrated by not finding a job? Or maybe felt like you were being looked down on because you have been teaching overseas?

Let me know in the comments below!


Jobless Julie


Finding a comfortable spot

This week marks 2 months since my husband and I hopped on a plane and left Seoul, South Korea.

The past 2 months have been hectic and awkward as we have been trying our best to find our comfortable spot back home.

A little background on me:
I moved to Seoul in the Fall of 2013 and met my husband in Seoul (at Ultra Music Festival in the summer of 2014). After we started dating I kept extending my contract and stayed in Korea wayyyyy longer than I ever expected. He then served his 2 year military service, we got hitched, and moved back home!

Living life after Korea is kind of weird to be honest.

Especially since my husband isn’t an American citizen it’s like rediscovering my American pride all over again.

Seeing Dallas through his eyes has actually opened mine and has made me appreciate being a Texan.

But truth be told a piece of me misses Korea and it’s crazy magnetic energy. To be completely honest I miss everything but working in Korea.

Coming back home has brought up emotions and opinions I never really knew were there.

Looking for a new job, seeing my friends and family, moving in with my dad, and managing my money has all been a giant change. 

Life after Korea has had some glitches so far but my husband and I have started using our time wisely and that’s how I ended up starting a more “professional” blog!


To all my fellow expats out there who have lived abroad and moved back home:

How did you feel? 
What were some of your biggest concerns/problems readjusting?
Do you regret coming home?

I’d really love to hear your point of view on this!

I’ll actually be starting a weekly segment dedicated to different topics that have come up in the past 2 months since I’ve moved back!

I hope this is as cathartic for you as it is for me. 

Happy Monday Everyone!


Julie Ko