Beauty Review | Tok Stick by Beuon

Tok Stick Review!

If you are like me you are constantly on the hunt for something to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

I have suffered from eczema since I was in college and I usually don’t leave the house without a little bb cream or foundation on to hide the redness.

I was looking into the newest skincare trend which is derma rollers! Of course, living in Korea we have access to some of the most cutting-edge skincare technology.

I recently heard about the brand Beuon from my friend Unity Jackson!

Beuon is quickly becoming known for their Tok Stick. Which isn’t a derma roller but rather a stick.

The Tok stick has a whopping 49 gold plated needles. The needles on the Tok Stick are actually the thinnest needles in the world! The needles also have a custom V-shaped line in the middle to reduce pain.

Photo credit: Beuon Official website

When I received my Tok Stick it came in a beautiful black box! When I opened it up I noticed the Tok Stick was hygienically wrapped up. I really love that. Especially because the Tok Stick has needles on the surface and you want a product that is clean and ready to use!

Here is a chart straight from their website about how the Tok Stick works and how to properly use it!

photo credit: Beuon Official website

Alright, now it’s my turn!

Here is a lovely selfie of me right after I washed my face!

I dosed up 3mL of ampule into the Tok Stick
(If you do not use the ampule by Tok Stick you should stick to a watery ampule for best results)

 I used the Elizavecca Hell Pore Water Up Peptide mist

Photo credit: Amazon
You can buy it here!

You’ll want to give it a shake and make sure the ampule is coming out without any trouble. I always test it on the back of my hand first then go to my face.

You’ll want to use the Tok Stick all over your face for 15 minutes. I usually do 3 times around my face then move to my neck and hands.

After that, your face will be a bit red so you’ll want to put on a really soothing mask. I would suggest a cream mask or something with aloe in it.

My personal favorite is the Ozoo face mask.
Which you can buy here!

Photo credit: Amazon

Here is a picture of my face after the face mask!

I cannot say enough amazing things about the Tok Stick! It’s a revolutionary piece of skincare and I highly recommend it!

Check them out on Instagram:

You can also buy them here on K Mall or you can directly contact them via Instagram.

Buy me here! K Mall

For a demonstration of the Tok Stick check out my YouTube review as well!

Until next time! Stay Beautiful!


Julie Ko

I’ll be away for the holidays…

Merry Christmas everyone! 
(Or belated depending on your time zone)

This was actually my first Christmas home with my family and my husband.

After spending 4 Christmas’ away from home and family it’s nice to be back!

But during those 4 years, something deep inside of me felt sadness, distance, and a bit of anger.

Those of you currently living/working abroad may have felt similar emotions during the holiday season.

Every year while I worked in Korea I actually left the country to push back my emotions and try to make the best of the fact that I wasn’t home surrounded by loved ones persuading me to move home.

But for some you, you have to stay in Korea and keep working through the holiday or your break is split up differently.

I want to take a minute and say this.
To those of you who are still abroad and are feeling homesick and blue this time of year,  I am here for you. I know it’s hard to be away from familiarity and traditions so if you find yourself depressed or wanting someone to talk to my inbox is ALWAYS open.

I am no stranger to my dear friend depression.
It loved to try and control me and steer me down dark alleyways of my brain. It’s cold outside, crying seems normal, and your feelings are numb.
I have dealt with depression from a young age and sought out professional help that has ultimately given me the tools to dig me out of a grade A pity party.

Sometimes change is difficult and lonely.
But you should always know that there are people who have been there and possibly felt what you are feeling now.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to others in the expat groups or people on Instagram that maybe you’ve never met.

I actually met some really cool people in Korea through Instagram!

I want to wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday break.

Be sure to take care of your mind & body!

Lots of LOVE,

Julie Ko

Cafe Gals visit Mr. Holmes Bakery

 Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is tucked away off of the main Garosugil road. It’s in a cozy little area where you can find Dr. Jarts, Asics, and other fun shops. It’s towards the end of the street and you can’t miss it with its gorgeous neon signs! It’s like a little piece of Americana on the busy streets of Seoul. You can find all the familiar pastries from home with a fun twist! All the butter and richness will make you feel like your grandma just made them.
If you haven’t already you should definitely check out Mr. Holmes bakery! If not in Seoul you can visit them in LA and San Francisco!
Now let’s get into the details here:

 Pastries start from 3,000 KRW to 6,000 KRW
Drinks start at 4,500 to 6,500
English & Korean
Found on the first floor of the cafe
Pet Friendly:
The vibe is fun and chill. Great music and ambiance
Plenty for you and your crew!
Instagram Worthy: 
Absolutely! Snap a pic with one of their famous neon signs and upload it!
We have been to Mr. Holmes multiple times! This is probably one of my favorite places to get American style pastries. The vibe is great and the decoration is trendy. You can gather the crew and hang out here or bring your honey for a date! Mr. Holmes is sure to please anyone’s taste buds!
🚨Cheyenne and I gave this cafe🚨 


South Korea, Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa dong, Apgujeong-ro 10-gil, 34


Everyday 10AM – 10:30PM




Mr. Holmes USA | Mr. Holmes Korea


 Cafe Gals

Cafe Gals visit Ferry Roaster Noksapyeong

Ferry Roasters is small, hidden cafe behind the main street of Kyungridan. Be prepared for a small trek! This boat themed cafe specializes in donut topped coffee and delicious mini donuts.  If you’re not into mini donuts, don’t worry~ they have large ones too! You can enjoy your coffee and donuts inside or out or even on their spacious rooftop! 

Now let’s get into the details here:


Drinks: ₩4.0-₩7.2

Donuts: ₩6.5-₩7.5


Names in English and descriptions in Korean


Yes ma’am

Pet Friendly:



Inside: close seating but comfy

Outside: fresh air and mountain views


  limited inside and out and a lot of space on the rooftop

Instagram Worthy:

yes! the theme is cute and there are great views from the roof!


We really liked this cafe’s ambiance but the seating was really limited and there were only two tables on the rooftop. However, the view and fresh air was really nice. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the drinks and donuts. The donuts were amazing, they were the best part of our trip. If you love donuts we really recommend coming here! 

🚨Julie and I gave this cafe🚨 




서울,용산구이태원동 225-22

Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-dong 225-22

🌟 go out from Noksapyong exit 2 and walk forever



Days off Monday

Phone Number


 📷Their Instagram📷

Stay caffeinated my friends! 


Cafe Gals

Cafe Gals visit Loui Ruth’s Itaewon!

Loui Ruth’s is a chill brunch cafe just down the street from Itaewon Station. They serve fluffy and delicious pancakes and super filling french toast. They also have a decent sized drink menu. We thought the prices for the drinks were pretty cheap compared to other cafes in the area. 

Now let’s get into the details here:
Brunch: ₩7.5~₩13.0
Drinks: ₩3.9-₩5.5
Menu:English and Korean

Wifi: Yes

Pet Friendly:No

Atmosphere: chill with loud music

Seating: Around 25 people max.

Instagram Worthy: not really


We thought this place was pretty good but wasn’t really worth the price. Good American breakfast food isn’t hard to find in Seoul anymore and there are better options. However, it is a nice place to sit and chat with friends over a good and inexpensive drink. You can even share a platter of pancakes or french toast as they are really filling! 

🚨Julie and I gave this cafe🚨



서울 용산구 이태원로210
Seoul, Yongsan-gu  Itaewon-ro 210
🌟Exit 3 of Itaewon Station

Monday~ Friday
Phone Number


Cafe  Girls 


Finding a comfortable spot

This week marks 2 months since my husband and I hopped on a plane and left Seoul, South Korea.

The past 2 months have been hectic and awkward as we have been trying our best to find our comfortable spot back home.

A little background on me:
I moved to Seoul in the Fall of 2013 and met my husband in Seoul (at Ultra Music Festival in the summer of 2014). After we started dating I kept extending my contract and stayed in Korea wayyyyy longer than I ever expected. He then served his 2 year military service, we got hitched, and moved back home!

Living life after Korea is kind of weird to be honest.

Especially since my husband isn’t an American citizen it’s like rediscovering my American pride all over again.

Seeing Dallas through his eyes has actually opened mine and has made me appreciate being a Texan.

But truth be told a piece of me misses Korea and it’s crazy magnetic energy. To be completely honest I miss everything but working in Korea.

Coming back home has brought up emotions and opinions I never really knew were there.

Looking for a new job, seeing my friends and family, moving in with my dad, and managing my money has all been a giant change. 

Life after Korea has had some glitches so far but my husband and I have started using our time wisely and that’s how I ended up starting a more “professional” blog!


To all my fellow expats out there who have lived abroad and moved back home:

How did you feel? 
What were some of your biggest concerns/problems readjusting?
Do you regret coming home?

I’d really love to hear your point of view on this!

I’ll actually be starting a weekly segment dedicated to different topics that have come up in the past 2 months since I’ve moved back!

I hope this is as cathartic for you as it is for me. 

Happy Monday Everyone!


Julie Ko